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Privacy Policy Statement

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Statement (the “Statement”) is to set forth the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and procedures related to the use of the inquiry service (the “Service”) provided on the website (the “Site”) of the WSCW 2017 Secretariat for the 1st World Smart City Week.

Article 2 (Privacy Policy)
(1) The protection of users’ personal information shall be based on the Site’s privacy policy.
(2) The Site, when collecting personal information for the Service, will collect the least numbers of information: a. At the time of submitting inquiries: Name, E-mail address, Phone Number, Title and Message of Inquiry b. Record of service use, access logs, etc.
(3) When the Site collects personal information for identification, it shall obtain the corresponding user’s consent.
(4) Personal information shall be used only for the purpose the user has agreed to and shall not be transferable to a third party. The Site shall take full responsibility for the above, except for the following cases:
1. When personal information is necessary for the statistics, scientific research, or market research, the personal information will be provided in a form by which a particular individual cannot be identified.
2. Laws and regulations require the personal information for unavoidable reasons.
3. Law enforcement agencies need the personal information with an official document.
(5) In the case the Site collects the user’s consent pursuant to Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Articles 2 of this Statement, the identity of the officer in charge of the management of the Personal Information (Affiliation, Name, Phone Number, etc.), the purpose of collection and use of the personal information, regulations on information provision to a third party (The person to whom the personal information is furnished, Purposes of use of the personal information of the person to whom the personal information is furnished, and Items of the personal information furnished) should be noted or notified in advance as stipulated in Paragraph 2 Article 22 (Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information) under the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. The user holds the rights to withdraw his/her consent at any time.
(6) A user can view his/her personal information the Site possesses and give a correction request on incorrect information. Then, the Site shall without delay take the necessary steps. In the case a user requests a correction of information, the corresponding user’s information shall not be used until the correction is completed.
(7) For the protection of personal information, the Site shall organize a managing team, in the least possible number. The team shall protect users personal information from any loss, theft, leak or manipulation and takes full responsibility for any losses.
(8) A third party who obtains personal information from the Site or the equivalent, shall without delay destroy the information when the purpose of the collection is achieved.

Article 3 (Obligation of Site)
(1) The Site shall not commit what the Statement prohibits or goes against the public morals, and shall endeavor to provide Service in a continuous and secure manner.
(2) The Site shall develop a security system of the personal information to ensure users internet safety.
(3) The Site shall not disclose or distribute the user’s personal information to others without the corresponding user’s consent. However, exceptions are made when the central administrative agency requests for the personal information based on telecommunications laws and related regulations.

Article (Obligation of User)
(1) User shall not engage in the following:
1. register a false information when joining or editing
2. use other’s personal information without prior permission, and collect or save others’ information
3. modify the information posted on the website
4. transmit or post information other than the Site allows including computer programs
5. infringe copy rights or intellectual property rights of the Site and others
6. damage other person’s honor or disturb others business
7. distribute information, videos, audio materials with obscene or violent contents by posting on the Site
8. post on the website or send by email unauthorized materials for advertising, sales promotions, email spam, chain letters, pyramid scheme materials, etc.
9. distribute computer viruses or hack into computers
10. consistently transmit advertising messages against receivers' will
11. engage in any activities which may threaten the safety and smooth operation of Service
12. participate in criminal activities or related with crimes
13. violate laws or undermine a social custom or public order
(2) In the case User has violated the Statement or is deemed so by Site, the user will be given an opportunity to appeal. For lack of response or inadequate vindications, Site may restrict, stop or cancel the user’s Service, without his/her consent. The Site can cut off the user’s access and remains not responsible for any disadvantages.

The Statement shall be effective from July 2017.