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World Smart City Korea Pavilion
The World Smart City Korea Pavilion promotes smart city policies and various smart city solutions of Korea.
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The History of Korean Smart City Policy
A boothtitled The History of Korean Smart City Policyshows the development of major policies including smart city rules, implementation systems, businesses, networks which have advanced according toachange in Korean smart cities and a policy paradigm.

It also introduces smart city policiesin chronological order starting fromthe Act on the Construction, etc. of Ubiquitous Cities enacted in 2008 to “the Act on Smart City Building and Industry Promotion, etc. (effective as of September 2017)”recently completely revised and promotes major smart policies established by the Ministryof Land, Infrastructure and Transport and smart-city-policy supporting works ofthe National Territorial Planning and Research.

It also enables visitors to better understand domestic smart city policies, increasing awareness of smart city, attracting the attention of the public and foreign participants, and serving as a tool of disseminating successful models of Korean smart cities and promoting international cooperation.
Smart City and R&D – KAIA
A Smart City and S&T zone introduces national strategic projects, and a S&T and Lifezone promotes performance and strategies of infrastructure of local governments and methods of disseminatingperformanceutilization.
Busan EDC Smart City becomes a global innovative growth city where people live in harmony with technology and nature, which allows us to experience a future life in advance. The EDC Smart City will implement three specialized strategies and seven main contentsand create new jobs based on the 4th industrial revolution technologies as the mecca of the future industry, enabling all the citizens to enjoy an equal opportunity and benefits of inclusive growth so that the quality of their life in education, culture, safety and environment improves.
Smart City Life –LH
Thiszone shows cases of smart technologies and promotes achievements of overseas exports with focus on changed lives in Sejong Smart City.
Viva CITY with Data. Network. Ai –NIPA
This zone shows smart city services of Viva City at one viewwhere an intelligent city decides on its own by opening, distributing, analyzing, utilizing broad-based data in all fields collected and accumulated in the hyper-connected Intelligent network in order to create an intelligent city based on DNA(Data-Network-AI). Its major service models are Smart Transportation(real-time public traffic information, unattended control of parking and stopping), Smart Energy (smart street light, security light monitoring), Smart Home (real-time energy monitoring), Smart Water (smart water quality monitoring), Smart Environment (air quality monitoring, garbage management).
Smart City 2.0 –KICT
This zoneintroducestechnologies and services applied to seven areas including buildings and human life.
Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018
Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 – Thursday, 20 September
Hall 4& 5, KINTEX Exhibition Center 1
Hosted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT), Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) / Organized by KINTEX, TechConnect
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment, Goyang City, Smart City Association, GCCEI, KRIHS, AIRI, KOICA, KSGI, WeGO
Exhibition Scale
750 Booths from 350Companies
Exhibition Items
- Government E-government, E-government Solution, Smart City
- Smart Energy Energy Management,Remote Metering System, Renewable Energy (Solar), Electric Power Storage Apparatus
- Smart Mobility Intelligent TrafficSystem, Next-generation Transportation,Intelligent Logistic Management, SCM/e-Logistics
- Smart Infrastructure Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Ecological Management, Urban FacilityManagement, Water Resources Management, Integrated Management Solution, M2MCommunications Service
- Smart Building Smart Safety Management, 3D Facilities Management, Smart Building Management, Smart Building Automation, Digital Signage
- Smart Service Smart City Service
- Smart Home Wireless-wired Network, Smart Device, IoT Communication Standard, Operating Platform, Control Device, Contents
- Smart Sensor Smart Vehicle, Smart Robot, Smart Phone, Personal healthcare, Wearable